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Keeping High and Dry


Keeping High and Dry

  Friday, May 18, 2018

It’s rainy season right now. For some people, it’s the perfect moment to stay inside, pour a hot coffee or tea, and just cuddled up in a blanket with their favorite tv show. But for other people, outdoor activity is a must. Thus comes the moment where bad mood could kick in within the bad weather. Here are some tips to stay ready for your activity while keeping your body warm and dry.

Ready The Umbrella

Umbrella provides the most basic protection from rain. Preventing the raindrops from wetting the upper part of your body. It doesn’t seem much, but keeping your head dry will help you to stay focus on the day and keep your health away from sickness. One small reminder though: just don’t forget to bring it.

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Keep Yourself Warm

Got a long-forgotten sweater, jacket, or scarf in your closet? Then this would be the perfect time to put it on again. Those article of clothing will keep you warm and comfortable so you could do your activity without hassle.