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Introducing AMBLE Sweater

Press Release

Introducing AMBLE Sweater

  Friday, May 18, 2018

You may have seen it a few times before in one of our Instagram posts. Maybe you even have seen it up-close in real life. Or maybe, you even have bought it for yourself, or your friend, or significant other?

Now, we would like to formally introduce you to AMBLE sweater, one of many from our apparel collection.

“What’s that on the chest?” you may ask. Well, that’s our one and only CARTER. Been around since 2010, CARTER remained our all-time classic because of it's minimalist yet vintage design. For that reason, we made him as an identity of our apparel collection, just like how we put it on our AMBLE sweater.


If you're looking for a simple, relaxing look, especially in this kind of weather, then our AMBLE sweater could be a perfect choice. As seen above, our sweater is so versatile, you could easily mix-match it with your favorite pants, and even our own AMBLE cap and JARVIS DARK BROWN.

Take a closer look at our AMBLE sweater and don't miss a single detail. The two-toned material, the CARTER silhouette, and even the AMBLE typography on the back.

Interested in how it'll look on you? Simply purchase it via our customer service at LINE amblefootwear2