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How to Style Your Milo


How to Style Your Milo

  Friday, May 18, 2018

Lately, a new article has joined Milo. We call him MILO SUEDE BROWN, which makes Milo now has two variants you can choose base on your personal style.

Deck sneakers are basically versatile, but we can all agree that they are the perfect match for casual outfits. T-shirts? Sweaters? Cardigans? Jeans? Joggers?

Here are our suggestions on how to step up your outfit game with Milo.

In this look: MILO SUEDE BROWN

The easiest way to add depth to your look without being too over the top is to play with colors in same shade, tone, or saturation. In this look, we use a wide range of deep and dusty color, from navy to dark olive, tan to deep grey. They look like muted colors, but look closely and you'll find that it's not boring at all.

Joggers are so 'in' nowadays, but to make it less casual consider adding some accessories like a beanie hat and a decent watch.

In this look: MILO SUEDE BLACK.

If you're into monochromes, try pulling out this look featuring our black suede sneakers paired with several equally laid back items. We mixed a very simple striped shirt with a cardigan to ‘level it up’,  making it a proper look for a fun morning walk as well as a casual dinner date. The white denim adds a clean touch (we prefer it rolled up) while a pair of striped socks prevents it from coming off too plain.