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Traveling Essentials


Traveling Essentials

  Friday, May 18, 2018

Staff pick's Traveling Essentials, featuring our CLAY WHITE

Planning to join the traveling hype but clueless about the checklist? Check out our tips on choosing the right thing to pack.

1. If there's one rule of thumb by which smart packers should abide, it's this: pack multi-purpose items. You can pack half as much if you've got the right travel gear.

2. For trips under one week, laundry may not be necessary depending on your packing list combination of choice, Hand washing or laundry service is necessary for trips over 1 week. Basically all you need is one week's worth of clothing then plan to do laundry weekly for the duration of your trip.

3. Bring clothes that work well together and can be used interchangably. We suggest that half of your clothes are neutral colors and the rest are solids and patterns in one color scheme. A piece of outerwear would be nice to complement the outfit and help during 'emergency'.

4. You would want to bring a simple notebook to record your thoughts, draw maps, or tape your favorite tickets, postcards, and found knick-knacks. Don't forget to bring a pen too.

5. If you're that kind of person who always mess up with tech necessities, just stow all your cords, plugs, and power converters in the ultimate easy-to-spot-in-your-bag pouch.

6. Bring a small extra bag. Yes, the one that you unpack once you land and take everywhere, and that transforms you from tourist to local. 

7. Support your visual existence by bringing video and tape, film, underwater camera, camera and lenses, charger for digital cameras, batteries or camera..... did we miss something?

8. Never leave your carry-on items: tickets, passports, tissues, socks, prescriptions and medicines, snacks, games/playing cards.

9. Sunglasses, hats/caps, and a nice pair of sandals. Duh.

Spotted: Bobbi Chandra (@bibobns)'s traveling essentials featuring our CLAY BLACK