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Monochrome Trend: Guides and Tips


Monochrome Trend: Guides and Tips

  Friday, May 18, 2018

If you have a keen eye on the trends, you don’t need a forecasting ability to notice what’s ‘in’ this season. The monochromes have been favored by celebrities, the fashion press, as well as street fashionistas. The trend is pretty versatile – you can wear the look formally on an evening out or off duty on the weekend, regardless your personal style. Whether you’re a preppy guy, a goth girl, a minimalistic student, or a soft-grunge kind of hipster, you can surely nail the look.

Here are some recommendations on how to pull the monochrome look featuring AMBLE products.


This look features our suede sneakers, MILO SUEDE BLACK paired with several equally laid-back items. We mixed a very simple striped shirt with a cardigan to ‘level it up’,  making it a proper look for a fun morning walk as well as a casual dinner date. The white denim adds a clean touch (we prefer it rolled up) while a pair of striped socks prevents it from coming off too plain.


Who says that socks and sandals are a big fashion faux-pas only granmas in resting homes would wear? This look combines our pretty CLAY WHITE with grey socks, while your outfit is topped with fur tank top and clean white pleated skirt. Give it a sophisticated touch with some silver accessories and a leather sling bag. Boom, you would feel as classy as a stiletto when really, all you’re wearing Is sandals.