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Interview with Fashion Photographer: Dani Huda


Interview with Fashion Photographer: Dani Huda

  Friday, May 18, 2018

Born in 19th April 1995 as Muhammad Huda Mustaqim, but well known as Dani Huda for 19 years of his life. Tracing down his path as a fashion photographer, his first encounter with photography was when he was just finished Junior High School in 2010. The camera blitz interested him more and distracted him from school studies back then. He explored, experimented and tried many things by exposing fashion through his camera lens. The school uniform did not hold him back to do daring and valorous photo shoots, and not once had anyone asked his credibility. Instead, it gave him the liberty to express and develop his own picturesque style of photography.  “Fashion photographer that wear school uniform” , that’s how his friends remembered him.


In a recent “Path” post you mentioned that 2014  was a great year for you. What were the highlights?

·        First of all, the climax of this year is the time when I was supposed to go to Germany on February 2014. I can't get my Visa for living in Germany because of the bloody stinky reasons that the embassy gave me -and i should put this unpolitely- THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. 3 fuckin times I got rejected by the embassy! Even though I've got the acceptance letter from the school already, it still doesn't work. (But now i understand the reasons of those rejections) :)

·        I became a speaker, one big event photography in Bogor. You know who’s the other speaker? THE LEGEND Darwis Triadi. I dislike him, totally not my kind of photographer muse, but it's such a pride to be someone to have common border with senior photographer such as him. And to share my photography experience. Comparing to him ...I'm still 19 bish!!!

·        I got random call from my friend. He asked me for doing a shoot with Adit. (Still didnt notice which Adit will I shoot) but anyhow, I directly accepted that without looking at my schedule, and.....there's already job taken that day....on my mind still showing words that I dont, and then, I curiously asked my friend, who is adit? Yap, and he said... At Monday we r going to shoot Adit RNRM aka Sakrya Adiguna for Nylon guys....THE HELL!!! Shit shit got real! To all my friends, i'll let you guys know that Adit is one of my muse, my second biggest muse after Fa'. He's the coolest man alive in Bandung! First off all I'm in love with Rock n Roll Mafia since elementary school and just know since high school that adit is one of crazy person inside RNRM, and only Adit could make me dance on the dancefloor like crazy, shit man I miss dancing with your bloody tunes! He always dressed well and always RAD in all of his gigs (yes, I noticed your every gigs). And he's also best friend with my another muse, Fa'. Again, zhit got real. That's one of fine best day in 2014. I thought I'll never getting closer with him because He's for good in Japan and I'm going to Berlin. 

·        Random thoughts, I met a girl. Mmm my childhood friend. Shit I just have to write this. I met a girl that finally I could adore. Hmm yes, she is wonderful, almost 14 years I never met her. I thought she would be a barbie girl after she moved to Jakarta. No she isn't. She is becoming girl that I adore. The music ?!  It's hard to found kind human like you. I don’t give a fuck about now and today, let’s see in 4 years now. I'm going to Berlin. She is going to LA. I wish I could meet her again after our journey has done. Uh yes, to be honest, it's hard making me to adore someone, but you did it girl.  Please tell your mom thank you to made our recontré happened.

·        Got a chance to join Exhibition in Jakarta, with 24 photographers in Jakarta. DUDE!!! Almost all of the photographers I followed them on Instagram and adore their works and yeah, you know? When people called ‘dream come true'. I got this fucking chance when I'm still 19!!!!! Oh God I love you I love you!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm one of the youngest tho'.


How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it?

·        1 word, edgy.


Where do you get your creative inspiration?

·        From my musics. 


 At what point did you realize that photography is what you wanted to do as a career?

·        I realize that photography could make me happy. So, till the end of time, I'll always with something that makes me happy. 


What does fashion mean to you?

·        Fashion means everything to me. You can see about people taste from fashion (what people wearing) and, if you don’t know well about fashion, your life will be so pathetic. Because dressing well is very important hehe...


What makes a great fashion photograph?

·        First of all, you have to know about fashion and following the trends. Not theory, fuck theory.  


How much equipment do you typically bring to a photo-shoot?

·        Mostly, only 1 camera and 1 lens. (I prefer available light) *sun*.


What photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?

·        I love Schyncrodogs.


What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you?

·        I very appreciate time. If you don’t appreciate it, you'll loose your clients. I mean, being on time is everything.

*Dani Huda wearing our newest collection: CLAY BLACK